Vision Mission

This program ”lCTs for Girls" is an endeavor to spur the socio economic uplift of this very important segment of our society. Through this program thousands of girls are being trained at state of the art computer labs under the empo ihdrcoaching and training program of Microsoft. This will include training on Computing Skills, Coding Skills, and Communication Skills, coupled with Coaching from industry experts. That would make this a "4C5 Skill Development Program” as Computing, Coding, Communication and Coaching. This 4C trajectory is a path towards their em-ployment. Through this Mega project, the ultimate objective is to increase the employability potential of these girls. So that they are financially empowered to take care of their families well. This financial sustainability is the basic driver of this initiative. Once our future mothers are skillful enough to take care of them independently, our future is more promising.

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