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The Federal Service Tribunal was established by the Federal Government in pursuance of Article 212 of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973. The mandate given to it, under the Constitution as well as the Service Tribunal Act 1973, is to adjudicate upon all the matters relating to terms and conditions of service of Civil Servants.

The Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan passed a judgment in Constitution Petition No.53/2007 wherein the Apex Court observed that the Service Tribunal performs “Judicial functions” in exercise of “Judicial Powers” conferred upon it by the legislature and, therefore, enjoys status of a Court. Thus, the Federal Service Tribunal has to be equated with High Court of a Province.

The Tribunal has been providing inexpensive justice to the civil servants, ever since its establishment in 1974, the Federal Service Tribunal is also responsible to ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice to the civil servants in accordance with article 37 (d) of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973.

No fee is charged from the Appellants/ Civil Servants for filing appeals or other documents etc. The Civil Servants are required to deposit only a meager amount of Rs.100/- post admission of their cases as Cash Security and that amount, too, is refundable to them after the final disposal of their appeals. Judgments are, also provided to the appellants free of the cost at their residential/ official addresses, by registered post at Government expense.

The appellants are entitled to argue their cases themselves without spending any amount on hiring services of any advocate. In fact the appellants are not supposed to spend any amount for filing appeals before the Tribunal and get their decisions.

As far as the expeditious Justice is concerned, almost five benches are working in the Federal Service Tribunal, Islamabad and Camp Offices, Lahore and Karachi to ensure speedy disposal of the appeals. 

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