Message by Ms. Panit Nitithanprapas, Chief Ombudsman of Thailand &
President of Asian Ombudsman Association during 13th AOA Conference held from 7-10 October, 2013.

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the President of AOA, I am very pleased to inform you that it has been 17 years that AOA has been serving as a collaborative network among its Asian members to develop and strengthen Ombudsman systems in the region. Nevertheless, the 13th General Assembly of AOA Conference in Iran reflects its continuous determination and provides opportunities for members to share their experience and expertise to the further development of Ombudsmanship in Asia.
Since 2000, the Office of the Ombudsman of Thailand has been participating and extending its fullest cooperation to AOA for the development of ethics, fairness, and justice as well as ombudsman systems in supporting AOA, in addition, is placed on firm purposes to be a part of the collaborative network among AOA members to ensure that ethics, fairness and justice are outreached to every Asian citizen. Such capacity as the Asian network can be witnessed in the successful 11th Asian Ombudsman Association Conference in Bangkok. Besides, I, on behalf of the Thai Ombudsmen, wish to reaffirm my commitment to devote my fullest contribution to AOA and to further the roles as one of the key networks to strengthen Ombudsmanship throughout Asia.


Message by Mr. Mostafa Pourmohammadi, President of the 
General Inspection Organization, Iran during 13th AOA Conference held from 7-10 October, 2013.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

I assume it my duty to be sincerely grateful to the participants of the general assembly of the 12th AOA conference for their resolution approving the proposal made by Iran to host the 13th AOA conference. Without doubt the role of ombudsmen and observers invited to attend the conference is significant in the success of the conference.
Interest of some members in amending the Byelaws of the association with rights provides another opportunity for collective participation and ensuring the realization of AOA goals for us. 
The program of the conference includes BOD meeting, general assembly for considering the proposals made by members for amending the byelaws, listening to presentations to be delivered at plenary sessions and opening Asian Ombudsman Academy. 
I and my colleagues hope to be the gracious hosts for you.


Message by Mr. Valiollah Khobreh, Secretary of the 13th AOA Conference & Vice President of General Inspection Organization
The Islamic Republic of Iran during 13th AOA Conference held from 7-10 October, 2013.

I have been assigned by the President of GIO of Iran to form the organizing committee of the 15th Meeting of the board of directors of Asian Ombudsman Association and the 13th Asian Ombudsman Association conference and also take the necessary measures for serving as the host of distinguished members of AOA and other guests after elicting the views of AOA members as well as secretariat. For this a committee comprising of experienced and expert individuals has been set.The committee includes the subcommittees for scientific, cultural and promotional, security and international affairs as well as logistical support and following measures have been taken to date:

1 - Providing necessary funds and budget for organizing the conference

2- Setting the date of conference and BOD meeting with due attention to the climate of Tehran and other considerations and proposing it to the distinguished Members of AOA which has been approved unanimously

3- Designing and approving the emblem of the 13th AOA conference

4- Approving the theme of conference- Unity for a new approach with the following subthemes:
- Standards and requirements for an efficient and professional ombudsman

The participants are encouraged to share their views and experiences and information concerning an efficient and professional ombudsman and setting appropriate standards to be applied by such agencies for the purpose of raising the efficiency and professionalism

- Modalities for promoting regional and international synergy in ombudsman offices

This subtheme tries to focus on the methods and modalities for an efficient exchange of information and experiences as well as collaboration and joint activities of ombudsmen in Asian countries and also with ombudsmen in other regions.

- Toward ombudsman 2020

Safe and secure ground for efficient functioning of ombudsmen, Ombudsman and its role in promoting, strengthening and establishing good governance as well as people oriented ombudsmen are the most important issues to be discussed under the mentioned subtheme.
The main theme and subthemes of the conference have been approved by some of the AOA members and invited individuals and the organizers of the conference have been encouraged by receiving papers from some of AOA members on the theme as well as the subthemes of conference and others have specified the title of their papers to be submitted later.

5- One of the significant issues to be discussed in BOD meeting and even in the General Assembly of the conference is the amendment of the byelaws of the Association. It is to be noted that the objectives and functions of classic ombudsmen have been evolved in a way to form modern ombudsmen whose mandates are not limited to handling the complaints made by individuals against the administration but dealing with matters related to the fight against great opportunity to extend the scope of activities of the Association to include the above mentioned issues if the general assembly reaches the consensus. Needless to mention that in the 10th IOI World Conference the byelaws of the institute was amended based on the stated changes and evolutions.
The distinguished members of AOA are kindly requested to inform AOA secretariat of their views and proposals concerning the amendment of byelaws. Such views and proposals will be discussed by the subcommittee on scientific affairs which shall receive the views of other members.

6- The organizing committee is planning to organize an exhibition beside the 13th AOA Conference for displaying the measures taken to handling the complaints made by people against the administration, prevention and the fight against ghts. We would be glad to be informed of your proposals concerning the mentioned exhibition.

7- Setting the venue of the conference and hotel for the accommodation of distinguished guests
One again let me reiterate that it is a great honor for me and my colleagues to be your host. I hope the firm and proactive participation of all distinguished guests lead to a memorable event and a good experience for you and us.