The Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA) is a membership-based organization. Ombudsman institutions and institutions with similar mandate for administrative justice services are eligible to become members. Although membership to the Association is mainly open for institutions, there is a provision for individuals also to be inducted as members.

Membership is available under four categories mentioned below:

Full Members

A Full Member shall be a person holding the office of Ombudsman, Parliamentary Commissioner, Minister of Supervision, Commissioner for Administrative Complaints or the head of any office or organisation known by any designation who has been appointed or elected according to the constitution or law of the country/region and whose role includes the following characteristics.

  • to investigate the grievance of any person or body of persons concerning any decision or recommendation made or any act committed or omitted by any administrative authority over which the jurisdiction exists.
  • to make recommendations to authorities under the jurisdiction.
  • to discharge functions independent of the organisations over which jurisdiction is held.
  • to report to the Head of State, Government or the Legislature the results of activities or on any matter arising from an investigation.

For the purpose of sub-paragraph (6) of this Bye-Law, Full Members who participated in the founding of the A.O.A. are referred to as Founding Members.

Associate Members

Persons or heads of agencies interested in or involved in Ombudsman-related activities who do not qualify as Full Members (for example, heads of universities, hospitals, prisons and the press etc.) may join as Associate Members.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors on persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Ombudsman ethos or functions.

Individual Members

The Association may allow any individual to become a member who has shown interest through writings, research or otherwise on the concept of Ombudsmanship and whose membership shall advance the objectives of the Association